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December 2014 Archives

Traffic stop to find suspect ends in unrelated drug charges

The Baton Rouge Police Department recently stopped a vehicle in an attempt to find a suspect. Instead of locating the intended target, officers made an arrest of two individuals on unrelated drug charges.

NFL player released after rumor of possible criminal charges

Louisiana residents may have heard about the San Francisco 49ers' recent release of defensive lineman Ray McDonald. The eight-year NFL veteran was terminated following the initiation of a sexual assault investigation by San Jose police.

Baton Rouge man facing bond revocation after new drug charges

A Baton Rouge man may be thrown behind bars pending his upcoming trial. The man's second indictment for additional unrelated drug charges has prosecutors pushing to revoke his previously issued bond.

Do my alleged computer crimes count as felonies?

As computers become increasingly a part of everyday life in Louisiana, so do the crimes associated with them. In response to increased cyber crime, prosecutors have begun a trend of attempting to aggressively punish those accused of computer crimes.

Does the National Sex Offender Registry apply in Louisiana?

For those in Baton Rouge facing federal charges related to sex crimes, a resulting conviction could result in substantially detrimental long-term consequences. Aside from the stigma often associated with such crimes, additional requirements for those convicted on such federal charges can sometimes make life difficult for years to come.