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November 2015 Archives

What constitutes counterfeiting in Louisiana?

Most residents in Louisiana deal with money on a daily basis. From buying groceries to tipping a waiter, the exchange of money is an essential transaction. Therefore, when money is produced that is not legitimate, known commonly as counterfeit money; the law takes this crime seriously. Moreover, the potential consequences are harsh.

When do Miranda warnings apply for Louisiana residents?

Residents in Louisiana are likely familiar with Miranda warnings. Through movies and television shows, many people have heard the familiar "you have the right to remain silent" as a criminal defendant is led off screen by a stern officer. Despite their popularity as a dramatic tool in the media, many may not be fully aware of when Miranda warnings are legally required in the context of a police investigation.

Redemption, bond fraud constitute white collar crime

White collar crime often occurs in the form of financial fraud. There are many different forms of alleged financial fraud, and with the accessibility provided by the internet, there is the possibility for individuals in Louisiana to obtain more information about white collar crimes today than ever before.

Defense attorneys counsel Louisianans charged with crimes

When individuals in Louisiana learn that he or she has been charged with a crime or is being investigated for alleged criminal activity, it can be a shock. The accused will undoubtedly want to do everything possible to protect his or her rights, because whether a felony or misdemeanor or at the state or federal level, criminal convictions carry the possibility of serious consequences. As a previous post reported, even those charged with misdemeanors in Baton Rouge may be facing an increased possibility of jail time.