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August 2015 Archives

Serious lawyers for serious drug charges

Law enforcement agents, whether they are local police or federal investigators, are always on the lookout for potentially illegal activity. As this blog reported in a previous post, the Baton Rouge Drug Enforcement Agency's agent in charge reports that there has been an increase in drug use in the Baton Rouge area. This suggests that the DEA and other local law enforcement authorities may be on heightened alert for drug use and be seeking to pursue an increased number of drug charges.

Baton Rouge drug use on the rise

Drug use occurs nationwide, and by some reports is increasingly a problem. According to a recent report from the Baton Rouge Drug Enforcement Agency's resident agent in charge, drug use is becoming more of a problem in the Baton Rouge area. The DEA agent cited both use of illegal drugs, as well as prescription drug abuse. Use of these drugs may lead to prosecution for drug charges.

Telemarketing fraud differs from a sales call

Many Louisianans have received the dreaded dinner-hour telephone call. Whether it is from a telemarketer, a survey company or a campaigning politician, this type of call can often be an interruption into one's day and a potential irritation. Most of these calls, though possibly frustrating to the recipient, are perfectly legal. Telemarketing fraud, on the other hand, is a way that callers may try to scam another person, is illegal and is considered a white collar crime.

What constitutes copyright infringement?

Residents in Louisiana may be familiar with the copyright symbol, which is a small letter 'c' in a circle. It denotes that a work has been copyrighted and provides the owner of the copyright with certain rights that protect the copyrighted work. A potential violation of those rights may constitute copyright infringement, which is considered a white collar crime.