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January 2016 Archives

Drug distribution to Louisiana minors carries harsh penalties

Louisiana carefully enumerates the consequences and criminal penalties for a person convicted of drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and Schedule I, II, III, IV or V drugs. Significantly, in separate criminal statutes the state of Louisiana also takes a harsh stance against a person convicted of committing drug crimes who provides drugs to a minor or to a student.

Baton Rouge charter school cleared of criminal wrongdoing

A two-year investigation is now over for a Baton Rouge charter school, and no criminal charges have been filed. The FBI began investigating the financial operations of Kenilworth Science & Technology Charter School roughly two years ago. The school, which serves middle school students, has an enrollment of approximately 550 students.

International parental kidnapping is a serious federal crime

The term "parental kidnapping" may seem counterintuitive to some Louisianans. After all, a parent has authority over his or her child, right? Interestingly, despite the fact that a person is a parent, he or she may still be charged with kidnapping their own child. This typically occurs when the child is the subject of a custody order arising out of a divorce proceeding. Sometimes this kidnapping occurs at the international level, which may lead to the accused facing federal charges for the crime of international parental kidnapping.

Those facing drug charges can benefit from legal representation

An individual charged with a drug crime in Louisiana could be facing a wide range of potential penalties if he or she is convicted. There are relatively minor drug possession offenses, to more serious drug trafficking charges. The particular drug a person is alleged to have possessed or distributed, whether Schedule I, II, III, IV or V, will also be a factor for the potential severity of a pending charge, as we discussed in a previous post.