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March 2014 Archives

Louisiana man alleged to have embezzled almost $100,000

When someone is charged with robbery or simple theft, Louisiana prosecutors rely on relatively straightforward evidence. They call witnesses, show security camera video to the jury and otherwise reveal direct evidence of the crime, if they can. Embezzlement, fraud and other white collar crimes typically involve much more complicated evidence that is harder to explain to a jury.

Louisiana considers easing its harsh marijuana laws

While other states have been loosening their marijuana laws in recent years, Louisiana still has some of the toughest penalties for marijuana possession in the nation. However, that could change due to several bills now under consideration in the state legislature.

Justice Department ramping up white collar prosecution?

White collar crime is a loosely defined category of crimes that includes tax fraud, embezzlement, insider trading and other financial crimes. Those who are accused of these crimes in Louisiana face well-funded, well-prepared state and federal prosecutors. These prosecutors have access to sophisticated evidence and are experienced in presenting this type of material to a jury. And, if a top Justice Department official is to be believed, they may be on the move right now.

Louisiana man arrested on charges of child pornography

Louisiana residents who are accused of engaging in online child pornography face a very difficult battle. The mere accusation of these crimes is enough to cause serious damage to one's personal and professional lives. The penalties that come to those who are convicted are much, much more serious.