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October 2015 Archives

Drug charges pending for Louisiana man after domestic altercation

There are various reasons the authorities might be called to the home of an individual. If there is reason or enough probable cause, police officers might enter his or her home. Such steps could result in criminal charges against the homeowner.

Will the Fourth Amendment affect my criminal defense?

Louisianans know that as Americans they have certain rights and freedoms created by the United States Constitution. One of these rights is the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Under the Fourth Amendment, Americans have the right to be secure in their homes and in their persons, and warrants for searches and seizures must not be issued without probable cause.

Embezzlement is theft without violence in Louisiana

Theft is a simple word that encompasses a wide range of activity in which one person takes something that belongs to another. A theft may occur under what may be considered violent circumstances, or a theft may occur in a business or corporate setting when a person entrusted with managing money or property misappropriates it to their own use. The latter situation is often referred to as embezzlement.

Baton Rouge leaders propose misdemeanor jail time

A conviction for a misdemeanor or felony in Louisiana can land a person in jail. Serious criminal charges, of course, carry a higher likelihood of jail time. However, if some Baton Rouge leaders have their way, those persons convicted of lesser misdemeanor offenses may also be facing an increased probability of jail time.

Aggressive defense lawyers for those charged with computer crimes

Louisianans are living in a constantly changing world. The changes are particularly prevalent in the realm of technology. From the proliferation of smart phones to flying drones, new technologies are evolving quickly.