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May 2014 Archives

Police arrest 8 in crackdown on growing heroin trade in Louisiana

Over the past few years, the authorities in Louisiana and across the nation have been increasingly concerned about an apparent rise in the trade of heroin. Police have said that they are seeing an increase in use of the opiate drug in the New Orleans metro area and surrounding parishes.

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles employee charged with theft

White collar crime is a loosely defined category that includes embezzlement, tax fraud, insider trading and other sophisticated offenses. Because these crimes tend to occur in the workplace or be related to one's occupation, Louisiana residents can find it very difficult to find jobs after they have been hit with allegations of white collar crimes.

Ex-football coach faces charges in alleged Ponzi scheme

Louisiana loves its college football coaches. Much of the South is the same way. In a case under way in federal court, prosecutors accuse a former college football coach of exploiting that popularity to run an illegal $80 million Ponzi scheme. However, his attorney claims that the ex-coach is himself a victim of the scheme.

Anti-shredding law used against man in case of missing fish

Louisiana residents may know the federal Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was passed into law in 2002 after the scandals involving falsified accounting at Enron Corp. and WorldCom Inc. Among other things, the law was designed to stamp out wrongful corporate practices by prohibiting the destruction of certain kinds of records. This so-called anti-shredding law opened the door to new kinds of prosecutions for white collar crimes.