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January 2017 Archives

What types of plea bargains are there?

Most of us have heard the term plea bargain but may have wondered exactly what it refers to and what different types of plea bargains might be available. In general, plea bargaining is a method of reducing charges or potential penalties through an agreement between the accused individual and the prosecutor prosecuting the case. There are generally three types of plea negotiations, including charge plea bargaining, sentence plea bargaining fact plea bargaining.

Man in Baton Rouge faces drug charges following traffic stop

This blog recently discussed different types of police misconduct and the ways it can significantly impact individuals accused of crimes when it occurs. According to police, a man in Baton Rouge is facing drug charges following a recent traffic stop. Police reported that the traffic stop took place because of the man's failure to use a turn signal when turning. He was charged with possession of Schedules I and II drugs, as well as other criminal and traffic-related charges. Also according to police, the man initially ignored flashing lights and sirens when they attempted to conduct the traffic stop.

Understanding the impact of police misconduct

There are different types of police misconduct but all may have a significant impact on individuals who have been accused of a crime and had an interaction with the police. In addition, police misconduct may be an important aspect of a criminal defense if the police misconduct, such as a violation of procedures and the rights of an accused individual, played a role in the accused individual's case.

Federal charges require a strong criminal defense

Federal criminal charges can be particularly serious because of the extensive resources of the federal government to prosecute them. Accusations of white collar crimes and federal charges require a serious and informed criminal defense response. The potential penalties and consequences of federal charges can be both significant and harsh which is why it is important to understand the criminal defense options of individuals, corporations and organizations facing them.