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March 2013 Archives

Recent cases highlight the harshness of Internet crime laws

Baton Rouge residents may have read recently about several cases involving individuals charged with violations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The law was passed in 1984 in an effort to curb hacking and white collar crimes, but proponents of Internet freedom say it provisions are too broad and its penalties too harsh.

Louisiana man's unpaid speeding ticket leads to drug arrest

Sometimes what starts out looking like a minor incident turns into major legal trouble. Allegations of minor traffic violations can turn into drug charges, with serious consequences.

Baton Rouge man faces drug and counterfeiting charges

Generally, police need a warrant before they can enter a person's home, but there are many exceptions to the rule. Perhaps the most straightforward exception is when someone consents to let them enter.

Despite fears, Baton Rouge crime rates are actually falling

Louisiana's news media have recently been busy reporting some alarming high-profile violent crimes in Baton Rouge. January saw at least nine murders, making it a very violent month.

Man accused of multiple thefts from Wal-Mart

A Eunice man has been accused of making four separate trips over several days and stealing goods from a local Wal-Mart. After being arrested after his final trip, the man faces one felony count of theft by shoplifting and two counts of misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. In Louisiana, felonies are punishable by law. According to Eunice police, the accused man stole merchandise worth at least $2,000.