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December 2017 Archives

Athletic director at private school charged with child sex crimes

The administration of a private school in Grand Coteau professed surprise when a member of its administration was arrested and charged with a number of felonies arising out of his alleged efforts to make and distribute sexual images of children. The man served as both the school's athletic director and basketball coach. He was charged with attempted production of sexual abuse images and videos of children, indecent behavior with a juvenile and computer-aided solicitation of a minor.

Finance manager charged with forgery and theft in truck sale

The finance manager of an auto dealership in Monroe, Louisiana, was charged with forgery and theft in connection with a scheme to steal down payments from customers. These alleged white collar crimes came to light when a customer attempted to obtain the registration, license plate and payment booklet for a vehicle she purchased.

Traffic stop leads to discovery of $825,000 stash of heroin

Routine Louisiana traffic stops commonly involve little more than the issuance of a ticket for speeding or some other traffic law. Occasionally, traffic stops result in an arrest for DUI. On rare occasions, traffic stops can lead to further investigations and an arrest for a more serious crime.

Two arrested for possession of child pornography

Possession of pornographic images of children under the age of 13 is an especially serious crime. Most such crimes are treated as felonies, and the penalties can be very severe for persons who are repeat offenders or registered sex offenders. Two recent arrests of registered sex offenders by the Louisiana State Cyber Crimes Unit demonstrate the potential consequences of collecting and possessing child pornography.

Rape conviction reversed after 45 years in prison

The conviction of a man for rape was recently reversed after a district judge reviewed the record of his criminal trial. The man was released from prison after serving 45 years. The case provides a powerful example of how prosecutors can exceed their powers and how criminal charges based on weak evidence can result in the imprisonment of an innocent person.