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July 2015 Archives

Louisianans facing felony charges can benefit from an attorney

A Louisiana felony conviction can forever alter the course of a Louisianan's life. From having to list their felony status on job applications, to not being able to vote, a felony conviction can have consequences beyond the specific court-imposed penalties of prison sentences and fines. A felony conviction may lead a Louisianans to experience embarrassment, shame or face difficulties with his or her family. Therefore, it is essential to aggressively pursue a defense to any felony charges to try to avoid a conviction and these possibly life-altering consequences.

Are there penalties if I fail to register as a sex offender?

Simply put, yes, there can be serious potential penalties and long-term consequences if a Louisianan fails to register as required as a sex offender. It is a federal crime for convicted sex offenders who are required to register with the National Sex Offender Registry to fail to do so.

Baton Rouge fire captain arrested for serious criminal charges

Firemen are used to taking the heat due to the nature of their work putting out fires. A Baton Rouge Fire Department captain is taking a different kind of heat following a recent arrest, however - the heat of unwanted attention, publicity and criminal charges. The captain, age 56, was arrested by the Louisiana Attorney General's Fugitive Apprehension Unit in New Orleans on numerous criminal charges. Prosecutors have charged the captain with aggravated sexual battery, aggravated statutory rape, sexual battery and rape of a child.

Insider trading charges investigated by the SEC

The stock market has many variables and can be daunting for someone without much trading experience. The terms associated with the stock market may be confusing as well. Louisianans may have heard that someone has been accused of insider trading, but be unclear on what exactly this constitutes. Insider trading may be either legal or illegal conduct.