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August 2013 Archives

Louisiana man and woman arrested after police drug sting

Two Louisiana residents face multiple charges after they allegedly sold methamphetamines to undercover police officers. Police said undercover officers bought methamphetamine from the two suspects in a Gonzales parking lot. After making the purchase, police attempted to stop the suspects' car, but the suspects drove away, according to police.

Louisiana man faces federal charges in alleged fraud

A Louisiana media consultant has been charged with wire fraud and money laundering after prosecutors said he charged clients more than $1 million for advertisements that he never placed. If convicted, the 51-year-old man could face decades in prison and a $2.75 million fine.

Louisiana man falls asleep in car, wakes up to drug charges

Many drug busts in Louisiana begin as simple traffic stops. For example, police might pull over a car for a broken tail light and, one way or another, end the encounter with the driver facing serious drug charges.

President of Baton Rouge group charged with embezzling $29,000

A Baton Rouge man has been arrested and charged with 10 counts of felony theft after police said he embezzled $29,000 from a homeowners association for which he served as president. He could face more than a decade in prison.

Louisiana woman accused of sex-trafficking children

A Louisiana woman was arrested recently on suspicion of trafficking children for sexual purposes and aggravated rape of children. Police said they began investigating the 48-year-old Lafayette woman after receiving a report that she allegedly sexually assaulted children who were related to her. During the investigation, police said they learned that the woman brought a child to another parish in order to pimp out the child for sexual acts in exchange for money. Police said the children involved were less than 16 years old at the time the acts allegedly occurred.