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July 2014 Archives

Man arrested on drug charges for methamphetamine and marijuana

Drug possession and related drug charges are treated very seriously in East Baton Rouge. If a person is caught and placed under arrest due to alleged drug crimes, it can have a significant influence on their lives and the lives of their families. They can be subject to a loss of freedom, hefty fines and the stigma of having been convicted of being involved with drugs.

Man faces criminal charges after fight with brother

For most people in Baton Rouge, the thought of committing an act that will result in an arrest never occurs to them. Because of that, they're not concerned about the prospect of needing assistance with criminal defense. However, it only takes one unexpected incident to result in criminal charges being filed. Whether it's someone who obeys the law as a matter of course or a person who has had brushes with the legal system in the past, in a flash, a person can be confronted with the long-term consequences of being charged with a criminal act.

11 arrested, 2 from Baton Rouge, for international drug operation

When people are accused of being involved in a large criminal scheme, they could face numerous criminal charges. A criminal case involving multiple suspects and various criminal allegations could mean a very complex situation. Individual defendants could face serious penalties if they are convicted. In order to protect the rights of those involved and ensure the details of the situation are properly addressed, those involved should seek to make a strong independent defense against the charges they face.

Traffic stops end in drug charges from $500,000 find of 'Molly'

Two traffic stops made by Louisiana State Police Troopers ended in the arrest of four individuals after officers discovered $500,000 worth of the designer drug "Molly." The amount seized equates to 19 pounds, or 20,000 doses of the drug.

Local Baton Rouge rapper arrested on drug charges

A local Baton Rouge rap artist was recently arrested on drug charges. The arrest occurred after agents alleged that they could smell marijuana when he was scheduled to meet with his parole officer.