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February 2019 Archives

How to prevent contract disputes

Unfortunately, contract disputes are relatively common for businesses in Louisiana and throughout the nation. Although there's no way to absolutely safeguard against litigation risk, taking a few basic precautions can significantly reduce any organization's legal exposure. For starters, it's useful to notarize all signatures on commercial contracts. Notarization can remove any hint of doubt that an important signature is authentic. As incredible as it might seem, it's not unusual for people to sign contracts and later claim their signatures were forged. Even if it means risking perjury charges, signatories may be willing to lie for perceived financial gain.

Doctor and employee have pleaded guilty to Medicare fraud

The US Attorneys Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana scored a major victory against a Baton Rouge doctor for submitting false Medicare claims. The doctor entered a guilty plea of conspiracy to commit health care fraud involving several millions of dollars. The doctor has not yet been sentenced but will most likely face jail time. The case was prosecuted in federal court rather than state court, presumably because Medicare claims were involved.

When insurance fraud can be considered a crime.

Insurance contracts are basically private contracts between the insurer or the insurance company and the insured. People in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who are contemplating a scam on an insurance company should be aware that this may be a criminal offense. It is generally considered a white collar crime, but this has no effect on penalties involved.

Speeding behind nearly one third of traffic deaths

The Governors Highway Safety Association has a report out showing that excessive speed is behind nearly one in three automobile-related fatalities. It expresses concern over the persistence of speeding as a factor in crashes, pointing out that it is considered "culturally acceptable" among many drivers in Louisiana and across the U.S. In other words, speeding does not come with a stigma like DUI or driving without a seatbelt does.