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October 2017 Archives

Fraternity hazing death leads to 10 arrests at LSU

Most college freshman who decide to join fraternities or sororities understand that they will be subject to various hazing rituals, but few expect the hazing to become fatal. Some of these rituals, however, involve conduct that could prove dangerous, even lethal. The recent death of a freshman at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge demonstrates how hazing can cross the line from relatively harmless fun to serious criminal charges.

DEA agents indicted on federal criminal charges

Federal drug agents are entrusted with maintaining drugs, key documents and money that are collected during criminal investigations. Two Louisiana narcotics agents were recently indicted for federal crimes because they allegedly violated these duties.

Four teens charged with causing $6,000 damage to tree farm

When a tree farmer near Pearl River, Louisiana, discovered that nine of his trees were destroyed by vandals, he hired "a whole lot of eyes" to watch his trees. The "eyes" were surveillance cameras. The use of the cameras led to the arrest of four teenagers, who now face criminal charges for vandalism.

Three arrested on drug charges in NOLA suburb

Police in the New Orleans, Louisiana, suburb of Harahan recently arrested two men and a woman on suspicion of buying and selling illegal drugs. The arrests were the result of what police say was a confidential tip identifying the three as drug dealers. The trio is now awaiting a preliminary hearing to learn their drug charges.