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April 2014 Archives

Search leads to drug arrests for two in Louisiana

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects Louisiana residents from "unreasonable" search and seizure, but courts tend to give police a lot of leeway in terms of what kinds of searches count as reasonable. The issue of unreasonable search comes up often when Louisiana residents face drug charges.

Louisiana construction firm faces federal mail fraud charges

Louisiana residents who are accused of crimes under state law will usually find themselves up against prosecutors with much greater resources than the defendants they prosecute. Those facing charges in federal court may feel even more outmatched, as they face prosecutors with all the resources of the federal government. A defense against criminal charges in these situations has to be at least as strong as the prosecution against it.

Louisiana state agency official charged with federal fraud

Louisiana residents who are accused of white collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement and insider trading, could find their professional lives in serious jeopardy. These crimes typically occur in the workplace, and therefore employers take the allegations very seriously. Many of the accused are suspended from work or lose their jobs long before they have had a chance to defend themselves in court. A conviction on these charges can damage a person's career long after any jail time has been served or fines have been paid.

Two LSU students face felony video voyeurism charges

Many Louisiana residents who spend a lot of time on social media may feel that the boundaries have been blurred between what is personal and what is fodder for sharing online. Sometimes they may even violate someone else's privacy in the process of sharing something with friends. A quick lapse in judgment can lead to long-term consequences. Those who blur the lines too much could find themselves accused of a computer crime.

Baton Rouge police arrest six in synthetic marijuana crackdown

Louisiana authorities have been cracking down on so-called synthetic marijuana. Use of these products is prohibited in the state, where they are considered Schedule I controlled substances and health officials have warned the public to stay away from them after they said 100 people have been treated for life-threatening symptoms caused by the drugs.