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April 2016 Archives

Criminal charges pending for couple after domestic dispute

Arguments between domestic partners can become heated quickly. When those arguments involve beloved pets, emotions may become even more enflamed. Both partners of a Baton Rouge couple have found themselves facing criminal charges after a domestic dispute grew heated, and physical, recently.

How does a criminal trial typically proceed?

When a prosecutor charges a Louisianan with a crime, the prosecutor sets a particular process in motion. How that process develops, and ultimately ends, varies depending on the circumstances. A criminal charge may be dismissed entirely, plea negotiation may lead to a plea agreement, or, alternatively, a defendant may opt to proceed with a criminal trial. Once a case goes to trial, procedurally there are a number of steps that must occur.

Attorneys provide services for Louisianans facing federal charges

Federal crimes encompass a wide variety of criminal behavior. From computer fraud to hate crimes, the federal courts have jurisdiction over a tremendous range of criminal acts. Many of these alleged criminal acts are non-violent in nature, as in the case of a man charged with eight federal counts of mail fraud and wire fraud, which this blog reported on in a previous post.

Louisiana passengers must take precautions during traffic stops

When a driver is stopped by police, he or she may automatically begin to get nervous, as he or she could be facing a speeding ticket or worse. Passengers also may wonder about their legal rights. Police can wield a lot of power and may act in such a manner so as to intimidate both Louisiana drivers and passengers, infringing on their legal rights. Therefore, it may be helpful for Louisianans riding as passengers to be aware of their rights in the event that a vehicle they are in is subjected to a traffic stop.