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December 2015 Archives

Money laundering is actively investigated by federal authorities

Money laundering is a crime that is often used to cover up another crime. Money laundering refers to the use of financial transactions to cover up other underlying criminal offenses. Money laundering is considered to be a white collar crime, though the underlying activity may not be.

Controlled Substances Act is relevant when facing drug charges

The arrest of a Louisiana resident for a drug crime may necessitate a quick education in the relevant legal language for a defendant and his or her family, as some of the terms may be unfamiliar. It is essential, however, to understand the legal terminology and how the law categorizes certain drugs.

Man arrested for rape after meeting woman celebrating birthday

To be accused of a crime in Louisiana can be a life-altering event. An accusation may bring embarrassment and shame to a person's life, not to mention potentially interfere with the accused's job and family life due to the possible upheaval associated with being accused of, and even arrested for, an alleged crime. A Covington, Louisiana man may be experiencing such an upheaval after he was recently accused of and arrested for the charge of rape, a serious felony in the state.

Louisiana lawyers help criminal defendants, their families

When an individual has been charged with a felony, it may come as a shock to his or her family members. Families may have questions about the type or degree of crime that a loved one has been charged with. While a previous post discussed felony charges related to counterfeiting, there is a wide range of felony charges in Louisiana, making it important to understand the details of the crime the accused was charged with. Defendants and their loved ones may have questions about one's guilt or innocence, but most importantly, they may wonder how they can initiate a strong defense..

Cyberbullying is a serious crime in Louisiana

As the world around us changes, so do the laws. As Louisiana and other states adapt to the changing times, their statutes may reflect the evolving world. This likely includes an increased reliance on electronic communications, and consequently, ways that such communications may be deemed to be criminal. One Louisiana law, enacted in 2010, identifies cyberbullying as a crime.