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May 2017 Archives

How can plea negotiation help me in my criminal case?

Television crime shows provide many Baton Rouge residents with entertainment each week but also, in a very limited and generalized way, provide a small glimpse into some of the areas of defense work that individuals may use to lighten or eliminate their pending criminal charges. One element of a criminal defense strategy that readers may be familiar with is plea negotiation, and this post will discuss in general some of the ways this strategy can help criminal defendants.

Hate crimes can exacerbate felony charges

Criminal allegations can change the course of a Baton Rouge resident's life, particularly when those allegations involve the alleged commission of a felony. As previously discussed on this Louisiana criminal defense legal blog a felony charge can result in a more severe sentence upon conviction than a sentence based on a conviction for a misdemeanor charge.

What is insider trading and why is it a crime?

Have you ever found something out shortly before everyone else and have savored knowing that information while everyone else was in the dark? In a nutshell, this is insider trading, though readers of this Baton Rouge criminal defense legal blog deserve a more complete definition of the crime.

Deception is a key component of a forgery charge

Not all felony charges involve physical violence. In Baton Rouge and jurisdictions through the United States a person can face serious long-term consequences for alleged criminal acts that they did not even know they were committing or intending to pursue. One such charge is forgery, and this post will explore what is required for such an allegation to be made by criminal prosecutors.