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July 2017 Archives

Murder conviction set aside after lawyer found to be ineffective

Every criminal defendant has a constitutional right to be represented by a competent lawyer. Even murder convictions can be set aside if the court believes that the defendant's lawyer did not provide an effective defense to the criminal charges in the case. In a recent case, an Orleans parish judge reversed a murder conviction after finding that the defendant's attorney did not provide a competent defense.

Baton Rouge doctor indicted for submitting false Medicare claims

A federal grand jury in Baton Rouge has returned an indictment charging a local doctor and one of his employees with submitting $4.4 million in fraudulent medical claims to Medicare and various private insurers. The doctor and his employee are now facing charges of having committed several federal crimes in connection with fraudulent billing for medical services.

Suitcase with 10 pounds of marijuana leads to three drug arrests

An abandoned suitcase was turned over to the lost and found at Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, and it led to the arrest of three persons, after an attempt was made to claim the bag. The three persons were charged with various drug crimes, including the transportation of drugs from California to Louisiana.

State computer leads to arrest on child pornography charges

Most people who are arrested and charged for possession or sale of child pornography use they home computers for the criminal activity. In a remarkable variation on this theme, the recent arrest of a former employee of the Louisiana Secretary of State's office was facilitated by the defendant's use of his office computer to acquire the illegal images. The man now faces a number of potentially serious criminal charges.