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July 2013 Archives

Three Louisiana family members accused of Medicaid fraud

Louisiana can be just as serious about prosecuting white collar crime charges as it can be with common theft charges. Those facing allegations of embezzlement, fraud, forgery or other similar crimes can face severe penalties.

Prosecutors won't press hate crime charges in Baton Rouge beating

The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's office decided against prosecuting an African-American man for hate crimes in the beating of a Caucasian man at a Baton Rouge gas station. Prosecutors said they just didn't have enough evidence to prove that race was the motivating factor for the beating.

Man falsely accused of child pornography gets charges dropped

One of the most frowned upon crimes in Louisiana is child pornography. Not only can a conviction drastically damage a person's reputation but it can also cause immediate termination from most jobs and destroy a career path. Being placed on the sex offender registry list is a constant reminder to offenders of their crimes and makes it extremely difficult for them to succeed after they serve their sentence.

Six arrested in alleged East Baton Rouge drug ring

Drug charges in Louisiana can come about in many different ways. Possession and other lesser drug charges can come from a simple traffic stop, when police happen across someone who has drugs in their car. However, drug trafficking charges tend to come after a large investigation.