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January 2015 Archives

What are the laws and penalties for a hate crime in Louisiana?

A hate crime will automatically elicit a reaction simply by its connotations. When a person in Louisiana is facing charges related to hate crimes, the allegations will be taken seriously and the penalties can be harsh if there is a conviction. One of the most important aspects of these crimes is understanding how the law of the state defines it.

Understanding the definition and red flags of a Ponzi scheme

Many people in Louisiana might be under the impression that a white collar crime isn't as serious as other types of criminal acts that involve narcotics, violence and theft. However, a white collar crime is treated harshly by law enforcement as they might end up involving a larger number of entities with far more people being negatively affected by its aftermath. One such act that has garnered greater news coverage recently and harmed a vast number of people is a Ponzi scheme.

Requirements for a valid search warrant in Louisiana

Although there are times when police in Louisiana are able to search a person's home or the person himself without a warrant, generally, police are required to have a warrant to make a legal search. If a search of a defendant has been conducted, the defendant may be wondering what the requirements are for such a warrant.

Can an officer search my computer if I don't want him to?

Many people are aware that the Fourth Amendment protects U.S. citizens against unreasonable search and seizure. Generally, police officers must obtain a warrant in order to search a home or personal effect. Additionally, officers may search if they receive consent or if there is probable cause to believe incriminating evidence is under immediate threat of destruction.