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October 2016 Archives

Defense counsel essential for Louisianans facing drug charges

Many Louisianans will find themselves dealing with the criminal justice system at some point in their lives. Whether an individual is a defendant him or herself, or a family member or loved one is facing criminal charges, it can be helpful to be knowledgeable about the criminal justice system. Specifically, when an individual is facing drug charges, he or she will want to make smart choices to protect his or her rights and freedom.

Copyright infringement considered a white collar crime

An individual or business owner who obtains a copyright seeks to obtain protection for what is known as 'intellectual property.' Copyright protection is provided to things such as photographs, paintings, literary works, software and movies that are deemed to be original works of authorship. When an individual has a copyright, such legal protection is designed to provide the copyright owner with certain legal rights in Louisiana and nationwide.

Drug trafficking may be charged with other criminal charges

A Louisianan charged with a drug crime may be facing anything from simple possession of marijuana to a more serious felony charge of drug trafficking. This post will focus on those who may have been charged with the more significant offense of drug trafficking. It is becoming more common for prosecutors to identify and target drug trafficking conducted by individuals who they believe are involved in drug cartels.

Lovers' quarrel leads to felony charges in Baton Rouge

Disputes between domestic partners can become heated and emotional. Partners may have a long history together and when they begin to argue, the situation can escalate quickly. Such was the case for one couple following a recent altercation in Baton Rouge.