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December 2016 Archives

Louisiana woman facing serious felony drug charges

Any type of drug charge is a serious matter. A traffic stop in Louisiana recently turned into the arrest of a Louisiana woman on multiple serious felony drug charges. The 47-year old woman is facing 5 drug charges following being stopped by authorities after police allege they observed her driving erratically to the left of the center line of the roadway. Authorities allegedly found loose prescription pills in the woman's purse prior to her producing her driver's license.

Understanding the serious issue of domestic violence

Domestic abuse is an unquestionably serious concern for individuals involved in alleged domestic violence situations and for families and communities. There are a variety of behaviors that may be considered domestic abuse so it is helpful to be familiar with what those are if involved in family violence circumstances. Domestic violence circumstances can have a potentially serious impact on the future and freedom of the accused individual so it is important to understand what domestic violence refers to and includes.

What are felony charges and why are they serious?

Felonies are the most serious type of criminal charges an individual can be charged with. They carry the most serious consequences and harsh penalties. Felonies can be punished with a year or more in prison and fines. The potential length of punishment distinguishes them from lesser criminal charges such as misdemeanors which can be punished by less than a year in jail. The location of potential incarceration also distinguishes felonies from misdemeanors as felonies can result in prison confinement, while misdemeanors can result in a jail sentence.

Three Baton Rouge men face federal drug charges

Criminal defense rights are essential rights to be familiar with. Three men from Baton Rouge are facing drug charges, including drug distribution charges, following a series of pharmacy break-ins in Louisiana and a neighboring state. The men have been accused of stealing oxycodone, hydrocodone, tapentadol, methadone and dextoamphetamine with the intent to sell the drugs. The men, ages 26, 30 and 37 were recently indicted by a grand jury. The men are charged with five counts of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and a conspiracy charge. They are facing federal drug charges and potentially face 10 years or greater in prison for each charge.

Understand how to address tax fraud allegations

Facing a tax fraud or tax evasion investigation can be an alarming experience. It requires working with parts of the federal government which may be intimidating, including working with the Internal Revenue Service. Both individuals and organizations may find themselves in situations requiring guidance regarding tax fraud investigations, charges and other concerns.