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June 2013 Archives

Two Baton Rouge men face federal bank fraud charges

When Louisiana residents are accused of white collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement, they may be faced with a dizzying array of state and federal charges, pressed against them with all the weight of the state and federal governments. It can be an overwhelming challenge.

Suspect requests NSA phone records to mount criminal defense

Louisiana residents have been hearing a lot recently about the government's surveillance of phone records. Recent revelations about the surveillance program have raised a lot of serious issues about security and privacy. One man who is currently facing criminal charges realized the program may also raise some possibilities for his criminal defense.

Two Louisiana women charged with prescription drug fraud

Louisiana and federal laws treat abuse of prescription medications very much like the way they treat illegal drugs. Those who are accused of forging prescriptions or otherwise breaking the law in an effort to obtain or distribute prescription drugs can land in a lot of trouble, with some of the same penalties they would face for charges associated with cocaine or other street drugs.

Supreme Court rules police can take DNA samples from suspects

The U.S. Constitution protects Louisiana residents from unreasonable searches by the police, but courts continue to argue over what is and what isn't "unreasonable." In a recent decision that could have profound implications for criminal defense, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that police can take a DNA sample of people arrested on suspicion of major crimes.