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December 2013 Archives

Former Louisiana official faces computer crime charges

As the Internet becomes a more important part of the lives of Louisiana residents, it also attracts more and more crime. And, as computer crimes spread, the authorities struggle to find ways to fight them. In one high-profile case currently being heard in Baton Rouge federal court, prosecutors and the defense are arguing about how far the authorities should go in fighting Internet crime, and what even counts as a crime online.

Baton Rouge man faces serious drug charges after search

Many Louisiana drug arrests happen at a traffic stop when police pull over a driver for something simple like a faulty tail light and then search the car. Unless the police find a large amount of drugs in the vehicle, the charges that result from this type of arrest are typically for drug possession. This is no minor charge, but what the authorities really want is to break up drug distribution networks through charges such as drug trafficking.

Louisiana man faces 81 charges in alleged fraud against parish

Fraud, money-laundering and other crimes that fall under the umbrella of the loose term "white collar crimes" lead to extraordinarily complicated legal proceedings. By the nature of the work, the evidence in these cases is difficult for untrained juries to interpret and the difference between what is legal and what is criminal can be hard for many people to detect.

Louisiana pastor faces federal charges of child molestation

The State of Louisiana, the federal government and the general public all take allegations of sex crimes against minors very seriously. Those accused of exploiting children sexually will face stiff penalties if convicted and will often find little sympathy within their community.