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February 2017 Archives

What are sex offender registries?

Though it is a term you have likely heard of before, you may wonder what a sex offender registry is. Sex offender registries are essentially a database that contains information about convicted sex offenders and is maintained by law enforcement to monitor and track sex offenders. In addition, some of the information is made public. Registration requirements, what information is made available to the public and other considerations are dictated by state laws.

Understanding the basics of plea bargains

There are a variety of ways a criminal case may progress through the criminal justice process. One method of resolving a case is through a plea bargain. Plea bargains are a common method of resolving criminal cases in the United States. A plea bargain is an agreement between the individual accused of a crime and the prosecuting attorney in which the accused individual pleads guilty typically in order to receive a reduced sentence or reduced criminal charges. Plea bargains are primarily utilized as a method of saving time and money while resolving criminal cases.

Protections are available when facing tax fraud allegations

Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious crimes and can carry serious penalties. When facing an investigation or criminal charges related to tax fraud and tax evasion, it is important for accused individuals to understand how to protect themselves and respond to such charges and allegations. It can be unsettling and overwhelming to be facing allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion, the Internal Revenue Service and criminal charges and possible civil penalties.

Eight total, 4 from Louisiana, indicted on drug charges

Drug charges must be taken seriously as they are associated with serious penalties and consequences. Eight individuals were recently indicted, including 4 individuals from Louisiana, in relation to an alleged multi-state drug ring. The individuals are accused of trafficking drugs in Louisiana and several others states following an expansive drug investigation. The individuals are accused of trafficking heroin and cocaine. The wide-ranging drug investigation is reported to have been a several-year operation.