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November 2014 Archives

Blake Griffin facing criminal charges for incident in Vegas

Louisiana residents may have heard about an NBA star that is facing legal implications from an alleged scuffle with another man. The purported Las Vegas incident resulted in misdemeanor criminal charges for the athlete.

Sending picture of sleeping cop may result in criminal charges

A man has found himself in hot water after doing what he believed to be the act of a good citizen. The man now may be facing criminal charges from the Baton Rouge police department for defamation.

What qualifies as custodial interrogation?

A criminal conviction can carry serious penalties with long-term consequences. For this reason, the Supreme Court assured that individuals' Constitutional rights were protected by requiring officers to give a Miranda warning before any custodial interrogation took place. When pursuing criminal charges, any Louisiana officer failing to give notice of an individual's Fifth Amendment rights must suffer the consequences of being unable to use illegally obtained statements at subsequent proceedings.

I've heard of Miranda rights, but what exactly are they?

Finding yourself the subject of an arrest can be a scary and confusing position for many Louisianans. Certain procedures must be followed by the arresting police officers, however, to protect your rights even if you are unsure of what precisely is going on at the time of the arrest.

Criminal charges filed after man accused of stealing at LSU game

A student at Louisiana State University was arrested at a recent home football game. Criminal charges were filed against the student when several items missing from a restricted area were located on the individual.