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October 2014 Archives

Man faces felony charges for alleged home improvement fraud

Accusations against a Baton Rouge man claim he committed home improvement fraud after failing to complete repair work on a home. The man now faces charges for the fraud and felony theft.

What happens if you're accused of federal crimes?

Federal laws have been enacted by federal laws to protect the nation's citizens. While state criminal procedures may vary, the prosecution of federal crimes remains consistent.The criminal process can be very confusing. Finding yourself under arrest or facing federal charges is a scary position to be in and familiarity with the overall process may help ease some of the stress. Though some alternatives may be available throughout the process, most federal crime prosecutions follow a similar pattern.

Teachers arrested after allegations of affair with student

In Louisiana, those who are facing allegations that they have committed a crime have a great deal to think about. Certain crimes can lead to incarceration, loss of employment and other long-term consequences. When confronted with any kind of criminal charges, having a competent plan for a criminal defense can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Man faces white collar crime charges for fraud after oil spill

In Baton Rouge, the crimes that make the headlines are frequently violent or drug related. However, the crime of fraud also occurs regularly. Those who are facing white collar crime charges might not realize the level of penalties they face if they're convicted. But, corporate crime is taken very seriously by law enforcement.