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August 2016 Archives

When is restitution owed following a criminal conviction?

Any Louisianan facing federal criminal charges of course wants to avoid a conviction. Sometimes, however, a defendant may take a plea deal and plead guilty to a charge if he or she believes it may offer advantages over continuing to contest pending criminal charges. In accepting a plea deal, the parties may discuss potential penalties for the crime at issue, including payment of restitution.

Seeking criminal defense attorneys essential when facing charges

Allegations of criminal activity can seriously impact a Louisianan's reputation. Even if not true, allegations that lead to criminal charges can affect a person's life. Louisiana State Senator Troy Brown, who is facing criminal charges in connection with a domestic fight, reported on this blog in a previous post, undoubtedly knows. It is essential, therefore, for a Louisianan to obtain expert legal counsel in the event he or she is facing criminal charges.

Plea negotiation can help resolve Louisiana criminal trials

There are numerous steps between when a Louisianan has been charged with a crime and the conclusion of a criminal case. Sometimes the process will involve a criminal trial. In other cases, however, a defendant and the prosecution may negotiate through what is known as plea negotiation and avoid a criminal trial.

Is computer intrusion a form of computer fraud?

There are many different forms of computer fraud. One particular type is known as computer intrusion and differs from many other types of fraud schemes. Often, acts of computer intrusion are never even reported to authorities.