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March 2016 Archives

When will a criminal case be heard in federal court?

A Louisianan may be charged with a crime at the state level or at the federal level. The court in which he or she is charged will affect how his or her case proceeds. Federal courts have jurisdiction that is limited compared to that of state courts. Cases that appear in federal courts are ones that Congress has specifically determined to be under federal jurisdiction, as well as cases that involve constitutional disputes.

What type of threats constitute extortion in Louisiana?

A threat can be about many things. The threat of bad weather, for example, or a threat to cause harm. Many threats are harmless and can even be made in jest. Yet, Louisianans may not realize that some threats can rise to the level of felonious behavior. Specifically, the felony crime of extortion occurs when a person threatens another with the goal of obtaining something of value, including an advantage or immunity in some form.

Louisianans charged with felonies may benefit from legal counsel

When prosecutors charge a Louisianan with a felony, the defendant may benefit from learning as much as possible about the pending charge and developing an adequate legal defense. Knowledge can be an advantage for plea negotiations or in the event a case proceeds to trial. For example, it can be helpful for a defendant to fully understand all of the elements of a crime, who potential witnesses might be, as well as available defenses, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Bribery of public officials is a federal crime

Public officials, due to the nature of their positions, receive certain protections under the law. Therefore, when it is alleged that an individual has inappropriately influenced a public official, the law views this as a serious crime.