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September 2016 Archives

What constitutes illegal access to online child pornography?

It is a serious offense to possess, distribute, sell or produce materials that portray or exploit a minor in a manner that is considered pornographic. Such possession or distribution of online child pornography is a federal crime that carries significant potential penalties if convicted.

Louisiana lawyers represent clients charged with federal crimes

A Louisianan who has been charged with a crime may be in shock. It is quite possible that he or she had no idea that prosecutors were even conducting an investigation. Prosecutors may have compiled extensive evidence and be prepared to move quickly while, at the same time, an individual is reeling from the discovery that he or she is now under investigation as an alleged criminal.

Louisiana's habitual offender law seriously impacts defendants

A conviction for a drug offense can have major consequences for a Louisianan. From loss of personal freedom due to a lengthy prison sentence, to hefty fines, to a permanent felony record, a drug crime conviction can be life-altering. Additionally, a conviction can impact an individual years down the road if he or she is later charged with another drug crime.

Understanding the charging process for federal crimes

The federal criminal process involves numerous steps from beginning to end. Before a Louisianan is charged with a federal crime, an investigation will be conducted. Following an investigation, should prosecutors believe there is sufficient evidence to pursue federal charges, an individual will be charged with a crime.

Louisiana couple arrested for drug charges following bust

Being accused of any crime, no matter the severity, can have a huge impact on the life of the suspected offender. This is especially true if a loved one or close friend is also charged with the same crime. There is not only the possibility of harsh penalties but also the potential to change the dynamics of this relationship. Furthermore, this could complicate the defense process, especially if one defendant seeks to make a plea bargain and provide information against the other defendant.