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Man arrested for drug crimes in Louisiana

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Firm News |

Crimes related to drugs are not uncommon in the United States. Many people are arrested by law enforcement agencies on suspicion of drug crimes in different parts of the country. Louisiana is no different. For example, authorities recently arrested a person for multiple drug offenses.

According to reports, the officials received information about a person who was selling prescription drugs. The law enforcement officials immediately started investigating the matter. After a thorough investigation, the officials collected enough information about the suspect to get a search warrant.

According to investigators, on reaching the suspect’s home, they executed the search warrant. During the search of the premises, the 36-year-old suspect was in the house. Several pills and other materials were recovered from the suspect’s home that suggested the suspect’s alleged involvement in the distribution of illegal narcotics.

The police arrested the suspect on charges of possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. The suspect was found in possession of a schedule III drug (Lortab) and a schedule IV drug (clonazepam). The suspect was also charged for possessing a legend drug without a prescription. The suspect was also booked for drug charges related to a previous drug investigation. A bond of $24,000 was set for the suspect’s release from jail.

Louisiana laws dealing with drug offences are very strict. A drug conviction may have consequences of fines, jail time and a record that can be detrimental to employment and future living arrangements. A person arrested on drug charges may need to prepare for presenting a strong defense. Professional legal advice may help the arrested person in investigating the cause of the arrest and the subsequent charges. A strong defense may also include challenges to police procedure, presenting evidence of innocence and even acting as a negotiator between the prosecution and the accused.

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