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Louisiana man and woman arrested after police drug sting

by | Aug 29, 2013 | Firm News |


Two Louisiana residents face multiple charges after they allegedly sold methamphetamines to undercover police officers. Police said undercover officers bought methamphetamine from the two suspects in a Gonzales parking lot. After making the purchase, police attempted to stop the suspects’ car, but the suspects drove away, according to police.

The two suspects, a 32-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman, were arrested after a short chase, police said. Police said they found a methamphetamine, marijuana and other drugs in the pair’s car. Police said they found a loaded gun in the waistband of the woman’s pants.

The man, who had previously been sentenced to 12 years for armed robbery, faces multiple charges related to drug possession, drug distribution and resisting arrest. The woman faces multiple drug charges as well as charges related to resisting arrest and illegally carrying a weapon.

Drug charges can involve both Louisiana and federal laws and they carry very stiff penalties. Drug possession in itself carries stiff penalties, but the penalties for conviction on distribution and trafficking charges are much worse. The police and prosecutors are always aiming to break up distribution networks, and so they often aim investigations toward sellers higher in the network hierarchy. Still, most of the people who get charged for these crimes are fairly low on the chain, but end up paying a very high price if they are convicted.

It’s important for any Louisiana resident who has been charged with drug crimes after an undercover operation or a traffic stop to understand that they have a right to a defense. The penalties are harsh and the prosecutors will be very serious in their efforts to gain a conviction. The defendant must be at least as serious in building a strong defense.

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