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Baton Rouge man faces serious drug charges after search

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Firm News |


Many Louisiana drug arrests happen at a traffic stop when police pull over a driver for something simple like a faulty tail light and then search the car. Unless the police find a large amount of drugs in the vehicle, the charges that result from this type of arrest are typically for drug possession. This is no minor charge, but what the authorities really want is to break up drug distribution networks through charges such as drug trafficking.

Recently, a Baton Rouge man was arrested and faces multiple drug charges after police said they searched his home and seized 1.8 kilos of cocaine, 16.5 grams of marijuana and significant amounts of other controlled substances. They also said that they seized $69,000 in cash and a weapon at the home.

Police said that they obtained a warrant to search the home after a long-term investigation. They said they used trained dogs to sniff out cocaine in the home.

When, as here, police find a suspect unlawfully holding more than a specified amount of a controlled substance, they presume the suspect had the intent to distribute. When they find the drugs along with large amounts of cash or a weapon, they presume the suspect was a big player in drug distribution networks. These suspects will typically face very serious charges.

Because the penalties that go with a conviction on these charges are so extreme, it is vital that the accused have a strong defense. With the help of a skilled Louisiana attorney with experience in criminal defense, the accused can develop a defense strategy that minimizes the damage of these serious charges.

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