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11 arrested, 2 from Baton Rouge, for international drug operation

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2014 | Firm News |


When people are accused of being involved in a large criminal scheme, they could face numerous criminal charges. A criminal case involving multiple suspects and various criminal allegations could mean a very complex situation. Individual defendants could face serious penalties if they are convicted. In order to protect the rights of those involved and ensure the details of the situation are properly addressed, those involved should seek to make a strong independent defense against the charges they face.

A recent crackdown on an alleged international drug smuggling scheme led to the arrest of 11 suspects. Two of the accused are from Louisiana and were arrested and booked in Baton Rouge. According to reports, federal investigators pieced the three-year operation together by linking money transfers and text messages. Authorities said the accused used fake shipping invoices to conceal the contents of the packages they were receiving from China.

Prosecutors say the operation involved mixing different chemicals to develop synthetic marijuana. The product they made was allegedly sold in Baton Rouge and across the nation. Following the arrest, the 11 defendants now face charges of conspiracy, money laundering, smuggling and various drug crimes.

When a defendant is part of a large and complex criminal case, it is important that they address any issues present. This could mean making major defense decision such as having co-defendants or not. Moreover, the defendant should understand how evidence is admitted. Further independent investigation could lead to inadmissible evidence or dismissed charges. If the authorities did not properly carry out the steps required in a search and seizure, this information could be used to reduce or drop the charges against the defendant.

Facing a serious drug charge should not being taken lightly and the accused should develop a strong defense strategy in order to protect their rights and interests. A conviction could mean serious penalties such as hefty fines and jail time, so it is in the best interest to understand their defense options so they could take appropriate action and reduce the impact the allegations will have on their life.

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