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Those facing drug charges can benefit from legal representation

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Firm News |


An individual charged with a drug crime in Louisiana could be facing a wide range of potential penalties if he or she is convicted. There are relatively minor drug possession offenses, to more serious drug trafficking charges. The particular drug a person is alleged to have possessed or distributed, whether Schedule I, II, III, IV or V, will also be a factor for the potential severity of a pending charge, as we discussed in a previous post.

Once a person has been charged with a crime, they have the right to seek legal counsel of their choice for advice and assistance. An attorney, through effective plea negotiation, may be able to negotiate a lesser charge or a lighter sentence than initially anticipated. The attorney can also represent the individual before the court, in pretrial proceedings, at trial, and through any appeals.

The attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen can help protect the rights of Louisiana residents charged with drug crimes. From seeking to reduce charges, to arguing against the introduction of evidence obtained in illegal searches and seizures, the firm’s attorneys will work tirelessly to protect their clients’ rights and freedom in the face of pending drug charges. A conviction for a drug charge may have long-term consequences, and the firm’s attorneys seek to help their clients minimize the potential negative impacts that a drug charge may have on their lives.

For additional information about how the attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen can help those Louisiana residents facing drug charges, whether at the state or federal level, please visit our website.