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Attorneys provide services for Louisianans facing federal charges

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Firm News |


Federal crimes encompass a wide variety of criminal behavior. From computer fraud to hate crimes, the federal courts have jurisdiction over a tremendous range of criminal acts. Many of these alleged criminal acts are non-violent in nature, as in the case of a man charged with eight federal counts of mail fraud and wire fraud, which this blog reported on in a previous post.

Whether violent or non-violent in nature, a conviction for a federal crime may carry major penalties for a Louisianan. From prison sentences and loss of freedom, to fines or other imposed restitution, there may be long-term consequences that accompany a criminal conviction. With so much at stake, a Louisianan who is facing federal criminal charges may benefit from legal counsel. The attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen are experienced in their field and regularly, and aggressively, defend Louisianans against pending federal charges.

Federal law requires knowledge not only of criminal law, but also of federal criminal procedure and federal sentencing guidelines, which differ from state procedural requirements and sentencing guidelines. Having the counsel of a Hymel Davis & Petersen attorney when faced with a federal criminal charge can prove invaluable. The firm defends both individuals and organizations that are in need of defense services, such as when a federal agency is investigating an organization.

Federal charges must not be taken lightly. A Louisianan’s personal belief in his or her innocence will not be sufficient to combat the resources and aggression of federal prosecutors. A person facing criminal charges ought to seek legal counsel for guidance, and the attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen can ensure that accused individuals are fully informed and armed with a legal defense strategy that suits their need.. For additional information about the firm’s services, please visit the following webpage.