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Confrontation with ex-girlfriend leads to allegations against man

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Firm News |


Baton Rouge residents might not be thinking about the long-term consequences in a moment of anger. After the fact, though, they will face a litany of issues if there is an incident and it leads to allegations of assault and other crimes. When arrested and dealing with these charges along with the penalties, one of the most important decisions is to plan for a strong criminal defense. This is key regardless of the charges that a person has lodged against him or her.

A man had a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend that led to a multitude of charges against him. The man, 29, is alleged to have used his fist to break the windshield on her car before getting in. According to the investigation, the woman had a protective order against the man. She had just arrived at her home after being driven there by a friend. She was getting in her car when the man confronted her and smashed the windshield with his fist. The woman exited the vehicle and ran to a gas station where she requested the workers call police.

He proceeded to pursue her to a gas station after which he is accused of starting a high-speed chase with law enforcement officers. He is said to have tried to run over a witness as he fled. The speeds of the chase reached 115 miles-per-hour. The series of incidents then turned into an armed standoff at his place of residence. He eventually surrendered and was placed under arrest. He has been charged with multiple offenses including those related to firearms, burglary, false imprisonment, battery and more.

Obviously, the man in question will have to deal with major penalties in the event of a conviction. Any felony will lead to potentially harsh punishments, but with the number of allegations he has against him in this situation, he must make certain that he has a strong legal defense. With that in mind, the first call he should make is to an experienced attorney to prepare and protect himself and plan that defense.

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