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Understanding the impact of police misconduct

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Firm News |


There are different types of police misconduct but all may have a significant impact on individuals who have been accused of a crime and had an interaction with the police. In addition, police misconduct may be an important aspect of a criminal defense if the police misconduct, such as a violation of procedures and the rights of an accused individual, played a role in the accused individual’s case.

Police generally have broad powers to carry out their duties but cannot violate the constitutionally protected rights of the accused individual. The rights enjoyed by accused individuals serve as protection against police misconduct. In addition, the right to defend against the charges the accused individual is facing is another important protection for accused individuals to be aware of.

In addition to civil remedies an accused individual may have in some circumstances if their rights were violated due to police misconduct, police misconduct, such as an improper search or seizure, may form the basis of a criminal defense response to the charges being faced. Police can also violate procedures designed to protect the rights of accused individuals by failing to provide certain required notices or failing to properly handle evidence or witnesses. A strong criminal defense strategy is vital for individuals facing criminal charges including felony charges and others.

When an accused individual has been impacted by police misconduct, the situation can be overwhelming and even frightening. It is important to understand how different protections may impact individuals in different situations, as each set of circumstances is unique and the concerns of accused individuals are important.

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