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Louisiana arrest may lead to downfall of casino theft ring

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Felonies |


State Police recently arrested a man at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans and accused him and two accomplices of defrauding a casino in Baton Rouge. Police also say that the arrest may be the first step in breaking up a string of casino thefts around the United States. The man was charged with felony theft.

According to police, the three men cooperated in manipulating the odds in the dice game, known as craps. The man who was arrested is allegedly an expert at throwing the dice in such a way that the odds of a particularly result are significantly altered.

The two accomplices routinely passed their turns to this man, and then bet on what turned out to be results that were statistically abnormal. The man throwing the dice allegedly slid the dice onto the table, instead of throwing the cubes as required by the rules. By sliding the dice, the suspect was allegedly able to produce results that yielded a higher-than-normal payout.

Louisiana police learned of the trio’s presence when they were notified that they had bilked the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino of almost $56,000. The leader was arrested at the Louis Armstrong Airport as he was attempting to leave the state. The two accomplices are still at large.

According to the warrants issued for the three men, each has been charged with theft in excess of $25,000, a felony. All three men were identified by police as “persons of interest” in a nationwide investigation of casino theft.

These three men face serious criminal charges, but they, like all defendants, are entitled to be presumed innocent unless and until they are proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer for an evaluation of the evidence and facts that will determine the outcome of the case and for an estimate of the likelihood of obtaining a favorable plea agreement or outright acquittal.

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