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Police apprehend man suspected of robbery and kidnapping

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Felonies |


Police in Bossier City, LA and Beaumont, TX cooperated in apprehending a Louisiana man after he allegedly robbed his employer and kidnaped his supervisor. The man is now in custody and facing serious felony charges.

The incident began at a Burger King Restaurant in Bossier City. When employees showed up for the Friday morning shift, they found that the manager and money from the cash registers were missing; when they found the manager’s car in the parking lot, the workers notified the Bossier City police. On Friday afternoon, the manager was able to phone her children to tell them that she had been abducted at gunpoint by the suspect, that he had released her and that she was in a bus station in Beaumont. Because the incident allegedly involved flight across state lines, the FBI was alerted. Shortly afterward, the U.S. Marshall’s Office notified Beaumont police that the suspect was probably in the Beaumont area.

Beaumont police, armed with the suspect’s license plate number and vehicle description, soon located the suspect at a truck stop near Beaumont. When he saw police approaching, the suspect fled in his vehicle. After a chase that reached 100 mph, the suspect wrecked his car and was soon apprehended and arrested. Bossier City police are working on expediting the suspect to Louisiana, where he will face armed robbery and kidnapping charges.

The charges against the suspect in this case are serious, and the evidence appears to be persuasive. Nevertheless, he is entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an analysis of the evidence and law that will govern the case and for an estimate of the likelihood of obtaining a favorable plea agreement or an outright acquittal.


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