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Protecting your family from hit-and-run cases

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Firm News |

A hit-and-run crash is one of the last things you would want your family to be in. These are often the most frustrating accidents to deal with. Due to the fleeing motorist, police may not find the guilty party immediately while the victim suffers the consequences.

Unfortunately, this state has no shortage of these incidents. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that in 2016, Louisiana had the second highest rate of fatal hit-and-run crashes in the country. Given how much of a financial toll these can take on your family savings and the danger it presents to your children, you should be aware of the conditions where an uncooperative driver is more likely to flee the scene.

Most happen at night.

The AAA’s research shows that most hit-and-run crashes occur at the nighttime. They are 4.4 times more likely to happen between midnight and 4 a.m. This is no surprise, as these drivers need minimal visibility to try and get away. At night, there are less cars to serve as potential witnesses, and there is less of a chance to see their license plate number and car model. If you have to pick up your children during the nighttime, try to find a well-lit state highway to drive on. The amount of witnesses and lighting can make it difficult for them to avoid detection.

The driver is impaired.

Another common occurrence at nighttime is the higher number of drunk drivers in the streets. If an impaired motorist hits you, they are less likely to stay either because they are not thinking clearly or they want to avoid receiving DWI charges from the police. Be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior from other cars while taking your kids home. If you see any erratic or inconsistent movement, try to move in a lane further from the other driver.

They found the right road.

The AAA study also states that the types of roadways affect a driver’s decision to flee an accident. They found that interstate highways and county roads have higher odds of hit-and-runs than state highways thanks to less exposure to pedestrians and allowing them to escape at higher speeds. On a state highway, speeding and vehicle damage could be spotted by police officers patrolling the area.

If you or a loved one receive injuries from a hit-and-run accident, you should gain an attorney’s assistance in receiving compensation from the crash.