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Multimillion dollar drug fraud scheme exposed

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2012 | Firm News |

Louisiana residents might be interested to know that an international, multimillion dollar fraud scheme, which allegedly sold prescription painkillers without a proper in-person examination, has been exposed. The alleged fraud scheme started in 2010 and lasted until late 2012. Police arrested five website operators, two pharmacists and three physicians involved in the fraud scheme.

According to reports, the fraud scheme required customers to log on to a website and fill in questionnaires regarding their medical history. But the website never required these people to actually consult one of the website’s licensed professionals in person.

The website operators allegedly would then electronically transfer the documents to the doctors, who would issue prescriptions without reviewing the patient’s medical records or even speaking to the patient. The prescriptions then would be sent to the pharmacists. The pharmacists would then fill in the prescriptions and mail them to the customers.

It is estimated the pharmacists received about $13,000,000, and that the website operators and doctors also pocketed a large sum.

Nine of the ten people indicted have been arrested and charged with fraud, money laundering, narcotics conspiracy and other charges. Authorities, however, have not yet arrested one of the website operators, who is a resident of Bulgaria because they have not yet been found. If convicted, the accused may face anywhere up to 20 years in prison.

A potential criminal conviction must be taken seriously and acted upon at once because it can ruin the professional and personal life of a person. Therefore, the accused should immediately seek assistance to learn what legal options might help, or how to provide a strong defense. It may be the difference between a conviction and having your charges reduced or even dismissed.

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